photo attribute to  Charles   Beshara

photo attribute to Charles Beshara


I was born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq. I loved sleeping on the roof in summer time. Back home we have a special beds and mattress for the roof. I fell in love with the gorgeous full moon and I was fascinated by the endless sky full of stars. Around the age of 21 I got to know Astrology through the famous astrologer Ibrahim Hazbon’s radio program called “the world of horoscope” broadcast in Arabic from Tel Aviv

Since the program was very successful, he started another one every Wednesday but this one with more information about astrology. He would choose a planet to talk about and discuss its effects on humans in detail. He would talk about each sign and its ruling planet.

For years I used to record his programs which lasted for almost an hour. Then I would listen to it again and write down all the information. He starts with the movement of the planets. Then he points out the most important events in the heaven. Then he responds to phone calls from people in various countries. People call in asking mainly about marriage, health, work and travel.

A couple of years later, my neighbor was fixing my computer. He asked me if I wanted a program to be installed for free; he got through his friend called Vision which is about stars. It was completely a coincidence, a sign from the universe. This program helped me to know my astrology chart and charts of my friends and family.

Astrology translated my behavior and put it into words that made it easy for me to understand myself. I discovered my personality, came to know my weaknesses, strengths, passions, emotions, and many other parts of my personality. Astrology opened my eyes to a different, fascinating world, world of horoscope related to planets in the galaxy. It has been a great way to comprehend the big universe we live in.

When I came to the U.S.A. first time in 2004 for a visit, I got a great gift from a very lovely woman whom I met for the first time in my life. She gave me 20 books of astrology. Kathleen was the manager of my uncle & aunt’s antique store in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Those were a treasure but they are in English and still was hard for me but It was another sign from the universe.

My life journey for self-discovery took me to learn hypnotherapy.

I am so lucky to be able to study under an amazing mentor, Dr. Holly Holmes Meredith of HCH.

Hypnotherapy changed my life and opened my eyes to new way of living. I learned how I can reprogram my thoughts to change a bad habit or to identify and transform a false belief. Hypnotherapy empowered me by giving me ways of communicating with my subconscious. I am more in touch with my senses and have enhanced my intuition and self-awareness.

Hypnotherapy helped me to be gentle with myself through the process of healing in this life time. It taught me to be compassionate with myself and toward others.

Self-hypnosis is a wonderful tool to learn and everybody can learn it. Learning how to relax the body and brain is very beneficial to begin with. By relaxing your body, you can reach this powerful mental state to give positive suggestions or affirmations to your subconscious.  

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I have served in multiple positions and I am currently the President of San Francisco Astrological Society

The SFAS Steering Committee works to bring top level speakers to each of our monthly meetings, usually the last Thursday of each month. We emphasize variety, and aspire to keep our members engaged with current happenings in the field of astrology. We occasionally host a longer workshop format on a weekend for a special topic.

The goal of the San Francisco Astrology Society (SFAS) is to serve as an educational, professional and social networking resource to the Bay Area astrological community.

The San Francisco Astrology Society began in 1992 as an informal gathering of like-minded astrology students meeting in people’s homes in diverse neighborhoods such as the Sunset & Mission District to discuss astrology. Today we meet at The Women’s Building in the Mission District to accommodate the larger community. That spirit of warm conviviality continues in the monthly meetings that usually feature invited local and national astrological experts making dynamic and informative presentations!

The San Francisco Astrological Society (SFAS) provides an affordable monthly forum for people interested in astrology to gather and explore this ancient language. We welcome any person, from the mildly curious to the professional astrologer, who wants to delve deeper into the significance of the stars and planets to earthly life.

We invite you to come to the next meeting and to find out more about becoming a member!

Finally, the friendly atmosphere encourages and promotes both social and professional networking and connections among members of the community.